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Excellence in Human Resources and Payroll Services Provided By

TPC HR & Payroll Consultants

Fuzion Payments LLC takes great pride in selecting quality partners so business owners don't have to spend precious time doing so themselves. We're proud to have TPC HR/Payroll as our human resources and payroll services partner. We have the utmost confidence in all our strategic partnerships and TPC provides our clients with a level of service like no other.

A New Direction…

TPC HR/Payroll Consultants was founded because it was time for a new direction in the human resources and payroll industries. The large companies that provide the majority of HR and payroll services have lost human connection and empathy for small to mid-sized business needs. TPC is committed to bringing back that human aspect of business solutions services and truly taking the human resources and payroll services pain out of running your business.

Our personalized approach to client relations means that we view every client partnership as different and unique. We build business solutions based on the real needs of each client.

Stop Worrying About…

Payroll, Time & Attendance, HR Issues, and Workers’ Compensation. You want your human resources and payroll functions to be seamless and challenge free. You want to know, with absolute confidence, that you are meeting all of the legal and fiscal responsibilities. At TPC HR/Payroll Consultants, we know how busy you are and how many tasks you are juggling to run your business. Our job is to take human resources and payroll functions off your plate so that you can concentrate on doing the work that matters most – catering to your clients and customers and keeping your business profitable.


General E-mail | Michael Taff –

San Diego, California
Office | 760-923-3717
Fax    | 760-655-4327
Address | 3129 Tiger Run Ct #A219, Carlsbad, CA 92010

Encino, California
Office | 818-480-4090

Fax | 818-461-0617
Address | 15821 Ventura Blvd. #49, Encino, CA 91436


Las Vegas, Nevada
Office | 702-598-4800
Fax | 702-507-9650
Address | 8989 West Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89147 


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