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Payments | Simplified 



We're not trying to shove a square peg through a round hole by offering just one rate or a "one size fits all pricing" plan. We offer tailored pricing for your specific business and industry type. A Quick Serve Restaurant (pay at the counter) is vastly different from a full service restaurant, and a B2B operation is often times nothing like a retail business. Don't settle for a flat rate plan, let Fuzion put together a plan that works for your specific busines model.

Cash Discounting

Cash Discounting is the future, it is becoming widely accepted by merchants and customers nationwide. As a business owner you should not be forced to pay for the vacations and rewards of your customers. On average, a merchant saves 95% of their monthly processing fees by switching to cash discounting. There's no need to change menu prices or item prices in your restaurant or storefront and the setup is really very easy. We also have options for B2B and Commerce as well as retail and Point of Sale. Ask us how you can eliminate nearly all of your credit and debit card processing fees and see if your business qualifies.

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