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Process payments from any web enabled computer, with no equipment to purchase!

Through our secure online Virtual Terminal you can process payments by simply logging in to your merchant account and entering cardholder information. No equipment to purchase and no set up costs!


Recurring Billing

Is monthly recurring billing taking up hours of your week at the end of each month? Set up recurring payments for those monthly bills, enter the information just once, and then take the day off to play golf! 


Accept all card types

Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express at the click of a mouse.


Robust Features

Email receipts, export data for integration into your accounting systems, use it as back-up in case your in store POS or terminal goes down.


PCI compliance and security measures

Don't store files of information in locked drawers or on your computer, enter card holder information in the Virtual Terminal and we'll store it securely and encrypt it so you don't have to!



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