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Payments | Simplified 

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Whether you're positioning your business to capitalize on tourism from China or selling directly to China, WeChat Pay and Alipay are game changers. By the year 2020, Chinese travelers will spend roughly $60 Billion in the US and even more will be looking to purchase goods from American businesses such as baby goods, supplements, fashion/clothing, etc. These two payment platforms are the largest in the world with WeChat boasting over 889 million monthly active users and Alipay having roughly 450 million. Just for comparison, Apple Pay and PayPal each have about 250 million users currently.


As a business owner that is already accepting payments from China via credit card you are likely to see a 40% reduction in fees. With that comes no annual fees, no monthly fees, and no three year term. In addition, with bank level security you can enjoy zero fraud liability and even better, no chargebacks. Contact us today and get ahead of the competition!